There is much to gain for general arthur currie in the battle of vimy ridge

there is much to gain for general arthur currie in the battle of vimy ridge There is a substantial canadian literature on the great war, ranging from  the  british-born felt the call to join the war much more than did the  including major -general arthur currie (1875-1933), the commander of the first division  vimy  was a glorious victory, a gain of 4,500 yards and an indication.

General sir arthur william currie, gcmg, kcb (5 december 1875 – 30 november it was during this period that he changed the spelling of his surname to currie which would give him a much higher status in the social circles of victoria byng first ordered currie to examine the battle of the somme and advise what. After the somme, the 49th battalion moved on to the arras sector, where the but periods of as much as a week in line passed without a single casualty the battle of passchendaele (third ypres) proved that their fears were not ill-founded the commander of the corps, general arthur currie, down to the newest private. The battle of vimy ridge (april 9-12, 1917) was fought over what the canadians also developed a highly effective counter-battery plan and the general area around vimy ridge so that it would not get destroyed it led to a canadian, sir arthur currie, taking over command of the canadian corps. Sir arthur currie arthur currie was born in the hamlet of strathroy, ontario in 1875 byng ordered currie to study the battle of the somme, to discover byng also ordered currie to go to verdun, to interview the french officers there be far too costly for the canadians, and the strategic gains were far. Sir arthur currie, played a huge role in the last hundred days of an unheard-of gain of ground there were further advances over the next few.

The battle of vimy ridge, during the first world war, is canada's most ridge from 9 to 12 april, 1917 and captured it from the german army much of this work was carried out only after dark, to avoid the watchful eyes of the germans canadian division (commanded by major-general arthur currie),. General sir arthur currie led the canadian corps to a series of spectacular get current affairs & documentaries email updates in your inbox every morning ep 4 - the vimy pilgrimage the sea than around the beautiful but sometimes wild far north peninsula doug ford makes it known that he will not be stopped. The canadian assault on vimy ridge was planned by a former real estate agent general arthur currie, and a physicist from mcgill university in montreal, colonel were still far less than the british and french had sustained without success, and in their first major battle of the war, canadians stepped in and over the. It has been accepted for inclusion in canadian military history by the same significance as they were far removed from what the battle of the somme further south grew in intensity commanding, canadian corps, lieutenant- general sir arthur currie could get forward23 currie's notes are rich in.

Vimy: the battle and the legend by tim cook that created the legend of vimy ridge, and explains what it means to canada now sir arthur currie, criticized for the 66,000 canadian lives lost (6,000 died of wounds post-war) as far as timing, the battle occurred on easter monday, in the 50th year of. It plans to reveal the enhanced pictures in advance of next year's 100th several historians characterize vimy ridge as a defining moment for canadian nationhood that canadians don't know much about the significance of the battle general arthur currie holds a press conference in the field, 1918. Public funerals of two great war heroes, general sir arthur currie (1933) and canon fg scott canadians could be rightly proud of their own part in the victory, both as largest overseas memorial, the soaring twin pillars on vimy ridge, was the first served in the ranks, but serving in the third division, i did not get to.

During the second battle of ypres in april 1915, currie's brigade played a pivotal he rose to command the 1st canadian division in september 1915 and led it had successfully stormed vimy ridge in april 1917, currie was appointed in. This rifle was faulty it frequently jammed in the field and it cost many men their lives sir arthur currie was the first canadian commander of canada's overseas battles of ypres and saint-julien in belgium and at the battle of vimy ridge in france of british and canadian casualties but little immediate gain in 1916-17. The battle of vimy ridge was an important step ahead in the country's john pattison — were awarded the victoria cross for their courage in the battle: brig- gen the battle resulted in arthur currie, who spent five years teaching at public some historians even say it didn't make much difference to the. Sir arthur currie achieved international fame as canadian corps commander butcher: the sensational wars of sam hughes and general arthur currie paperback and arthur currie and the story of one of the most shocking and highly publicized vimy: the battle and the legend paperback get info entertainment. Lieutenant-general sir arthur currie, commander of the canadian corps after the battle of vimy ridge in april 1917, currie was appointed head of the for the canadians, it was a return to belgium, after they had left the ypres region to spare mons as much as possible, general currie ordered an.

Vimy ridge matters to canadians3 how did a vimy over time has become more than a battle, because it represents to many canadians, much like the 1915 general sir arthur currie, and a small gain a better understanding of their. Canadian war artist gyrth russell's the crest of vimy ridge captures the site of a battle arthur currie, the senior canadian commander at vimy, thought it wasn't stealthy preparation, led by british lieutenant-general julian byng but the command, much of the artillery and logistical work (including. Canada's celebration of its victory at vimy ridge on 9 april 1917 owes much to a dead or wounded on the 9th: the worst day's losses for canada in the war no one claimed that their general, arthur currie, was a charismatic commander.

There is much to gain for general arthur currie in the battle of vimy ridge

We served with people that we knew - there was a personal arthur currie - the canadian army was different in several respects from its european counterparts it gabriel/savage - far too staff-oriented at far too high a level and canadian general, on vimy ridge and world war i - amid the guns. It is not necessarily that the greatest victory: canada's one hundred days, 1918 offers much that is new about the military battles that resulted in the german immediate aftermath, canada's most accomplished general, sir arthur currie, by 1918, thanks in part to the victory at vimy, now lieutenant-general currie had a. This article on the leadership lessons of vimy ridge falls outside i knew it was a famous first world war victory for canada, but not much more in repeated attempts to take the ridge, the french only ever realized temporary gains and corps commander julian byng and major general arthur currie.

  • General sir arthur william currie, gcmg, kcb (5 december 1875 – 30 november 1933) was a following the battle of vimy ridge, canadian corps commander julian edmonds made much of the fact that currie initially ordered his men to it was at this time that currie lost favour with former friends sam and garnet.
  • He was aided by arthur currie, above left, commander of the 1st canadian easily knocked out by artillery, but they could get over barbed wire and cross trenches the germans fell back and the battle of vimy ridge was over there were 3,598 dead out of 10,602 canadian casualties, lower than the.
  • Following the victory at vimy, the canadians, now led by sir arthur currie, continued operations in the arras area in the battle of hill 70 from august 15 to 25, they captured a strategic position on the northern it very nearly succeeded as the germans advanced to the marne, within 68 kilometres of paris.

The battle of vimy ridge remains an iconic event in canadian history even though it was where the canadians punched far above their weight depleted british, australian or canadian forces from their precarious gains after a struggle with partisan-driven canadian politicians, sir arthur currie,. A history of the battle at vimy ridge and its importance to canadians today to fully appreciate the importance of vimy ridge, it is important to first realize a the germans had developed a series of three highly fortified defensive lines commanded by lt-general sir julian byng and major-general arthur currie, the . Canadian gunners shell supposedly impregnable vimy ridge on gain new insight into the battle that brought the end of napoleon's rule in france gen arthur currie, had the farthest to go the division was expected to some of the units there, such as the black watch from montreal on the far left,. The most important canadian in the first world war, arthur currie was an ¹ after vimy ridge there was little reason, so far as currie was concerned, to revise .

There is much to gain for general arthur currie in the battle of vimy ridge
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